The Russian manufacturer is undertaking the refurbishment and upgrade contract in joint venture with Voith Hydro.

With work on site underway at various stages for the last four of the plant’s 12 generators, Power Machines expects the final units to be commissioned and operational within a year.

The generating units are being increased in capacity from 175MW to 200MW, which will give the Aswan High Dam plant 14.3% greater power at 2.4GW. In addition, the efficiency of the units is greater than the original units built over the 1960s-70s on the river Nile with aid from the Soviet Union.

The JV was awarded the contract in late 2003 by the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

Voith Hydro’s work on the contract involves stator rewinding for half the generators plus rotor windings and monitoring systems for all 12 units.

Separately, and also on the Nile, in the mid-1990s the Aswan I plant was refurbished by ABB, Sulzer-Hydro (now part of andritz Hydro) and Waagner-Biro.