The company is to supply nine 333MW generators over the four years from 2009-12, produce technical and management documentation, and commission the equipment. Power Machines said the value of the contract is US$118M.

Last year, Power Machines was awarded the contract to supply nine turbines to the project, each of which is rated 339MW, it said.

The Boguchanskaya project is being developed on the Angara river, in Siberia, by a joint venture of federal hydro company Hydro OGK and federal aluminium producer Rusal.

In March, Hydro OGK and Rusal co-signed a syndicated bridging loan for US$520M to help complete the Boguchanskaya scheme. Part of the loan was also to help fund the completion of the aluminium smelter at the site.

Construction of the Boguchanskaya scheme began in 1980 and proceeded slowly until 1994 when funding ran out. Work began again in 2002 after the Russian power sector was restructured, and the scheme is just over two-thirds complete. The start of the tender process for the M&E equipment was announced earlier this year, and it is expected that commissioning work will start in 2009.

Hydro OGK is developing a number of major hydro power projects, and in eastern Siberia it also has plans to construct a cascade development on the Timpton river through its participation in the Development Corp of South Yakutia. One of the projects planned for the cascade is the 1.6GW Cancun plant.

Also in Siberia, Power Machines recently supplied the sixth, and final, unit to the 2GW Bureiskaya scheme, the later units being of 335MW capacity.