The first of seven new power transformers at the Krasnoyarsk hydropower plant in Russia is being prepared for commissioning, En+ Group has announced. The installation works, costing over 1 billion Rubles, are part of the Group’s ‘New energy’ programme.

The replacement of the 4T transformer represents the first stage of the project; the new machinery arrived on site towards the end of the summer 2020 and, following its successful installation, the transformer was assembled and start-up tests completed within two months. 

Progress on the construction works is still ongoing, with the completion of the 4T transformer scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

Installation works for the second transformer started in November. The heavy machinery, weighing more than 250 tons, was delivered by rail, and assembly will begin once the remaining parts have been delivered on site. All of the transformers will be replaced over the next eight years with En+ Group investing more than 4 billion Rubles in the project.

The “New energy” modernization programme was launched in 2007. The project focused at En+ Group’s Angara-Yenisei cascade hydropower plants. Completion of the power transformers replacement project will increase the plants’ efficiency, reduce the cost of possible repairs and improve the performance of plants. 

The comprehensive replacement of not only the main equipment such as hydraulic units and impellers, but also auxiliary equipment will be carried out under the programme, which will run until 2046. Total investments in the ‘New energy’ programme will amount to 21 billion Rubles up until 2026