Impulsive waves in dam reservoirs may be generated by any type of geophysical mass flow, including debris flows, debris avalanches, landslides, and rock falls. This phenomenon may be endangering the dam stability, human life and devastating downstream cities. The estimation of the landslide generated waves amplitude is of the utmost importance in dam engineering and water reservoir planning. In this work, a higher order Boussinesq-type numerical model is applied to study the sensitivity of the wave amplitude to the landslide geometry and kinematics. The numerical results are also used to provide an engineering estimation method to predict the landslide generated wave amplitude in dam reservoir using the landslide geometry parameters and water body conditions. The estimation method is verified and proven by comparison of the results with several experimental and real cases.

Keywords: Dam reservoir, submerged landslide, impulsive waves, landslide, Boussinesq model, Numerical model

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