Construction work has begun on a weir in Manitoba, Canada, as part of a settlement between utility Manitoba Hydro and the town of Churchill.

Local people had complained about low water levels in the Churchill river. In response to this, the new weir is intended to raise water levels near the town, to enhance the residents’ river use and to improve aquatic life. The weir is expected to be finished before the original completion date, which was in autumn 1999.

Other Canadian developments include Ontario Hydro’s request for proposals to design and build a 10km long diversion tunnel to enhance the Sir Adam Beck hydro power facility in Niagara Falls. Six consortia have responded to the utility call; they are: •AGRA, Spie Batignoles and Ambro McNally.

•BFC Civil, Taylor and Frontier Kemper.

•Hoechtief and Atkinson.

•Impresa, Seli and Grandi Lavori Fincosit.

•Janin Dumez — GTM.

•A joint venture of Obayashi Corp and partners, called Niagara Tunnellers.

Ontario Hydro, which is currently evaluating the proposals for the diversion tunnel, was assisted by Acres and Bechtel in the preparation of bid documentation. The tunnel is expected to cost around C$500M.