A new project, funded by Ocean Energy Era-Net Cofund, has been launched to support investment and growth in the wave and tidal energy sector through the creation of an integrated marine data toolbox. 

The RESOURCECODE project brings together the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), Ifremer, Ocean Data Lab, SmartBay Ireland, Centrale Nantes, University College Dublin, University of Edinburgh and INNOSEA.    The RESOURCODE Marine Data Toolbox will integrate high-resolution hindcast dataset and  analysis tools in a common online platform enabling easy access and analysis.

The toolbox is due to be launched in 2021 using 30 years of hindcast wave data, from across North West Europe.

The toolbox will provide technology developers and supply chain companies with world leading resource characterisation, enabling them to improve engineering designs, optimise operations in highly demanding marine environments, and increase investor confidence.

RESOURCECODE will drive forward the development and validation of cutting-edge resource datasets using partner data from the laboratory, state-of-the-art  modelling techniques, satellite and the extensive metocean datasets held by the partners.  Central to this will be the expansion of Ifremer’s flagship HOMERE metocean hindcast database, which currently only covers France and the English Channel, to cover North West Europe. This will provide validated, high-resolution, reliable hindcast wave data for marine renewable energy industry.

Data analysis tools will be developed to provide improved statistical analysis techniques for these expanded data sets. The final specification for these tools will be developed through dedicated commercialisation studies guided by a multi-user steering group including consultancies, test centres and wave and tidal energy technology developers.