COLUMBIA’S POWER GENERATOR ISAGEN aimed to start commercial operations of the first 125MW unit of its 375MW Miel I hydroelectric project in late August 2002. Construction of the project in July was more than 95% complete.

The second and third 125MW units are scheduled to start operations later in September and October, respectively.

Total water storage at the reservoir is 190Mm3, and as of 17 July had reached 101.9Mm3.

Meanwhile, Honduras is preparing studies on how to auction the concessions of the El Tablon and Los Llanitos multi-use projects to the private sector. El Tablon is on the Chamelecon river and Los Llanitos is on the Uloa, both upstream of the industrial city of San Pedro Sula. The two projects would be used for flood control, power generation, irrigation and drinking water supplies. Power generation would be 20MW at El Tablon, and 270MW at the two reservoirs of the Los Llanitos complex, while irrigation would be 3000-4000ha in total.