Hydro-Quebec is proposing the construction of a dam and a hydroelectric generating station with an estimated power generation capacity of 385MW on the Peribonka river, immediately upstream from the mouth of the Manouane river.
In addition to the 80m high dam, spillway and underground generating station, the project involves the creation of a reservoir measuring 35km in length with a surface area of some 31.6km2, and the construction of a 25.6km permanent road.
In accordance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Fisheries and Oceans Canada – the responsible authority for this scheme – has undertaken a comprehensive study of the project and has submitted its report to the minister of the environment and to
the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).
The CEAA administers the federal environmental assessment process, which identifies the environmental effects of proposed projects and measures to address those effects, in support of sustainable development.