Chaleun Sekong Energy Co Ltd (CSE) has awarded Pöyry the owner's engineering services assignment for the 54MW Nam Kong 3 hydropower plant in Attapue, Laos. 

The project includes the design, civil works and installation of a Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam, spillway, plunge pool, headrace tunnel, power house tailrace channel and switchyard with associated hydro and electro-mechanical work, as well as erection of a new transmission line.

Nam Kong 3 is one of several power plants that are being constructed in Laos closely monitored by the country's Ministry of Energy and Mines to help reach its target of 12,500MW capacity by the year 2020. This target aims to solve power shortage problems within the country and bring about economic benefits by supplying 7 to 8% of the energy demands of nearby Sub-Mekong regions. 

Pöyry's assignment includes assistance in project management, design and design review, and site supervision services. Pöyry has already completed the initial river diversion works, six months from signing the project contract in November 2017, and two weeks ahead of schedule. The site quarry and crusher system became operational at the end of May 2018 while the structural concrete works in the main dam (bottom outlet / diversion) began in June.

The project is expected to be fully complete in May 2020.