China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) has released 250,000 rare and endemic fish at the dam section of its Wudongde hydropower plant to Jinsha River on September 20, the 9th fish release CTG has held since 2015 that has seen the company release a total of more than 1 million rare and endemic fish in the same river section.

To protect fish in the lower reaches of Jinsha River, CTG built the Jinsha River-Baihetan-Wudongde rare and endemic fish propagation and release station in the downstream area from the Wudongde dam. Its work scope includes collecting and domesticating the rare and endemic fish, nurturing fish fry and propagating and releasing fish in the basin of Jinsha River.

"CTG will continue to conduct research on rare and endemic fish, nurture fish fry and hold fish propagation and release events in the basin of Jinsha River to drive the sustainable development of the aquatic ecosystem in the river," said Gu Gongkai, deputy director of Wudongde Engineering & Construction Department of CTG.

The released fish fry have been tagged with fluorescent marks for the purpose of subsequent monitoring and assessment. A 3rd fish release event of CTG is scheduled for later this year, when over 200,000 rare fish fry are expected to be released.