The programme involves a four-day seminar and a one day study tour. The seminar consists of a structured course on the use of RCC for construction of new dams and the rehabilitation of existing dams, and will feature educational presentations by 17 acknowledged experts on RCC. Five of the speakers will be from outside the US, with Australia (2), Portugal, Spain and Germany represented.

All phases of RCC design, construction, performance and quality control testing will be covered by representatives of private consulting firms, contractors and US government agencies, as well as prominent individual consultants.

The feature of the study tour will be a visit to the 55m high Hickory Log Creek dam, which is currently under construction. The gravity dam, located near Canton in Georgia, will require about 180,000m3 off RCC and, when complete in 2007, it will become the largest non-federal dam in Georgia.

The prime contractor on the water supply dam – which is 75% owned by Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority and 25% by the City of Canton – is Thalle Construction Company, in concert with ASI Constructors. Presentations of design, construction, quality control as well as foundation grouting for the dam are included in the seminar.

Also included in the study tour is a visit to the completed Big Haynes dam near Conyers, Georgia, and two RCC overtopping protection projects along the Yellow river in Gwinnett County that have either been completed or are under construction.

For further information, please contact Ken Hansen, Course Director, on tel: +1 303 695 6500 or email: