Four internationally recognized RCC dam design experts will speak at the short course in addition to those involved with the Taum Sauk rebuild. The Site Tour will allow attendees to view and photograph the entire construction process, with an opportunity to view a special demonstration of the quality control testing regularly performed on site.

The Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Rebuild Project consists of returning an existing pumped storage facility back to operating condition. The 42-year old Upper Reservoir, formed by a concrete faced rockfill dam, breached in December 2005 after being overtopped.

The new Upper Reservoir will be completely enclosed by 2,520,000m3 of RCC. At the time of the tour about 1,900,000m3 will have been placed in the 2060m long section that ranges in height from 26 to 49m.

Noted speakers on RCC include Ernie Schrader, Brian Forbes, Randy Bass, and Ken Hansen. Speaking on the Taum Sauk failure and subsequent rebuilding will be representatives of the owner, AmerenUE, the design engineer Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc., and the contractor, a joint venture of ASI Constructors and Fred Weber, Inc.

The RCC 2009 Short Course & Tour is sponsored by ASI Constructors, Fred Weber, Inc. and Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc. and in cooperation with AmerenUE.

For further information, contact Ken Hansen on tel: +1 303 695 6500, email: or Jill Reed on tel: +1 412 856 9700, email:


Aerial view of the breach


Work underway on the rebuild project