Hydro power production in Norway has been boosted this year by an abundance of rain and snow, but despite all the water, large industrial users fear that the power market will be tighter in 2001.

Reports predict that power production in 2000 will reach an all-time high but there are fears that things will not be as good next year.

Almost all of Norway’s power is produced by hydro power plants. In September power production was measured at 11.2TWh, an increase of over 25% when compared with the same month in 1999. However the gross consumption of electricity (8.9TWh) and surplus exports (2.3TWh) were also at record levels in September.

If the current wet conditions stop in 2001, output could become tight if usage continues to rise. Power consumption has increased by 1-1.5% since 1999 without the development of new capacity, so the market appears to be in a weaker position.