IN ITS FIFTY-FIRST ANNUAL report, Manitoba Hydro of Canada has detailed some of the refurbishment work carried out at its hydro facilities during the fiscal year ended 31 March 2002.

Following a 14-month overhaul, unit 2 at Grand Rapids generating station on the Saskatchewan river has returned to service. At Seven Sisters a dam breach early warning system is being commissioned; and major rip rap repairs have been carried out at dykes at McArthur, Great Falls and Seven Sisters on the Winnipeg river, along with Grand Rapids.

Meanwhile, near Jenpeg station, emergency temporary repairs were made at the Kiskitto dyke to stabilise a sinkhole that appeared unexpectedly on the surface. Controlled water flow into Kiskitto lake was curtailed this summer to facilitate permanent repairs of the dyke and water control structure.

At the company’s five northern plants, staff have been taking advantage of low water conditions and the reduction of transmission capability on the HVDC system to complete 90% of annual maintenance work with little or no losses of revenue. The work has included changing oil in a number of power transformers at Kettle, Long Spruce and Limestone plants.

Refurbishment of four of the six units at Seven Sisters has been partly credited for the stations new generating record in 2001-2. During this period the plant produced 1.28B kWh, exceeding its previous production record of 1.25B kWh set in 2000-1. Excellent water conditions on the Winnipeg river throughout the winter has also helped secure this achievement.