Smith Flow Control’s new Continuous Loop version of its Flexi-Drive cable-driven remote valve operator has the same versatility as its predecessor, say the UK engineers, but can transmit drive to valves through shorter cable runs, even where a large number of handwheel turns is needed. It does so by circulating the drive cable through a gear mechanism, removing the need for a long cable.

It still has the capacity to transmit drive over distances of 60m, accommodating 540o of bends in the cable run. It consists of an operator station, valve station actuator and patented helix drive cable. It has a service life of 20,000 valve cycles and comes in a range of ratios including 4:1, 2:1 and 1:1. It is constructed to handle high impact shocks and sinusoidal vibration, and to work down to depths of 15m at temperatures ranging from -54 – 200oC.