The Rookwood Weir project, Australia's largest weir, is more than 65% complete, according to Queensland's Water Minister, Glenn Butcher. The AUD 67.2 million ($277.8 million) infrastructure project is expected to bring water security to Central Queensland and create a significant economic impact.

Butcher visited the project site with Barry O'Rourke, local MP, and Rockhampton Mayor, Tony Williams, to check on the progress. Over 81,000m³ of the required 130,000m³ of concrete has been poured, and more than 300 workers will be employed in the coming weeks.

"It's great to see the finishing line in sight for this important project that will drive economic growth throughout Central Queensland," said Butcher. "To date, almost AUD 170 million from the project has been spent in Central Queensland, delivering flow-on benefits for the local community."

The Rookwood Weir project is designed to provide water security for Central Queensland's agricultural sector, which is expected to produce more crops such as grains, tree crops, and livestock.

Barry O'Rourke, Rockhampton MP, said: "A key component of the bidding process has been for tenderers to demonstrate how the water will be used and how it will contribute to the local economy."

The project is funded jointly by the Queensland and Australian governments, and Sunwater is the partner delivering the project. The project team has overcome significant challenges during construction, including six inundation events in the Fitzroy River.

"Building in such an active river catchment is a challenge. Sunwater is well equipped to deal with issues of flooding on this type of project and has been able to quickly get back to work after each weather event," said Glenn Stockton, Sunwater CEO.

The project is expected to be completed later this year, weather permitting.