Hydro Tasmania has announced that the Rowallan Power Station in north west Tasmania is set to undergo a comprehensive $30 million refurbishment, ensuring its continued operation for at least three more decades.

The company’s CEO, Ian Brooksbank, said the rejuvenation project will bolster the safety and efficiency of the 55-year-old power station: "The modernization of Rowallan signifies a significant stride in its transformation, incorporating state-of-the-art control and safety systems along with essential component upgrades." 

He highlighted that the incorporation of new control systems would render the power station more flexible, while online monitoring would contribute to minimizing outages and optimizing routine maintenance processes.

"As Australia's largest water manager and the leading generator of renewable energy, we bear a responsibility to the Tasmanian people to judiciously utilize our invaluable water resources," Brooksbank affirmed.

While hydroelectric power assets boast an extended lifespan, periodic maintenance is essential. Hydro Tasmania's strategic, risk-based asset management ensures that costs associated with refurbishments and upgrades deliver optimal value for Tasmanians.

"Our hydropower assets, although remarkable, are aging. It's imperative that we invest in the modernization and maintenance of our power stations to ensure they consistently provide safe, secure, and reliable power for the next generation," said Brooksbank.

Rowallan joins a roster of recent asset enhancement projects undertaken by Hydro Tasmania, including notable power stations such as Poatina, Lemonthyme, and Meadowbank. The comprehensive upgrade of Rowallan Power Station is slated for completion in the second quarter of 2024.