Newswire reports from Tajikistan have cited the president’s press service when reporting that the country had decided to end its deal with Rusal. But a spokeswoman for Rusal told IWP&DC that the conglomerate was unaware of any official change in its participation from either Tajik or Russian government sides.

Rogun is being built on the Vakhsh river, and Rusal paid for the feasibility study undertaken by German consultant lahmeyer International. A spokeswoman for Rusal told IWP&DC that construction work on the project has commenced, and that the Russian firm has already invested US$50M in the scheme.

In October 2004, Rusal was appointed by the Russian government to assist with the development of the Rogun scheme under a bilateral pact. Rusal said that for the last three years it has been representing the interests of the Russian Federation under the pact.

Earlier this year the Russian firm confirmed it aimed to continue developing the Rogun project after previous reports that the Tajik government was looking to change its procurement arrangements. The reports suggested new project participants might become involved in the scheme.

In May, Rusal told IWP&DC that it was unaware of any changes, and added that it viewed the introduction of other participants would turn the clock back for the project. It said the company was willing to build the scheme without state budget funding.