Gross profit more than doubled to Ruble 16.9B (US$617M) on revenues up 43% to Ruble 45.5B (US$1.67B) in the year to 30 September.

In the third quarter, the company’s hydro power capacity was increased by 156MW by the modernisation of units at Bureiskaya and Kamskaya plants, which had 150MW and 6MW added, respectively. The installed capacity at Kamskaya is now 516MW.

At Bureiskaya, the plant will have a total installed capacity of 2GW upon commissioning of the second turbine in the upgrade of the smaller units put in place early in construction. The plant has a total of six units, the largest of which – more than 330MW – were installed up until a year ago, after which the smaller units were being modernised with units of similar size.

The first of the two upgrade units was added earlier this year, adding 150MW in net operational capacity for RusHydro, and the second unit has just arrived on site for commissioning before year end, to complete the plant. The Francis runner is 102 tonnes with dimensions of 6.34m diameter and 3.17m high. The units have been supplied by Power Machines since 2001.

The company also now plans for operations at the 65MW Kashkhatau plant, in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkariya, to commence in late 2009 as there are reportedly some tunnel construction issues.

RusHydro has a total installed capacity of more than 24.2GW with the portfolio dominated by major plants, including some under development in Siberia.

In Siberia, the company is investigating a major push in small hydro and earlier this year said there were 56 potential projects identified with combined installed capacity of 220MW. The total potential for small hydro power in Siberia is more than 38GW to generate approximately 154,000GWh per year, the company added.