Unit no 4 is the third unit to be connected to the grid, with units 5 and 6 having been launched into operation earlier this year, giving the project a current capacity of 1920MW.

Before the launch, diagnostic work was performed on the engineering structures and facilities of the hydro-unit. Specialists from the B.E.Vedeneev VNIIG research institute monitored the spiral case, drafting tubes and other construction elements. The inner metal coverings and the reinforced concrete encasement of the water pipeline were also inspected. Results of the completed examination confirm the working capacity of the reinforced concrete constructions of hydro-unit No. 4.

The launch of hydro-unit No. 4 into the grid was preceded by the start up and adjustment operations in all working regimes, including switching to the grid. This program was coordinated with the turbines and equipment manufacturer JSC Power Machines. JSC Lengidroproekt, the general designer, confirmed that the equipment, all the technological systems and constructions for hydro-unit No. 4 and the T2 transformer unit for the start-up complex meet the standards of technical design specifications.

Turbine unit no 3 will be launched at the end of the this year, giving the project an installed capacity of 2560MW. This will enable the project to operate during the 2010-2011 fall-winter period without usage of the operational spillway.

Restoration work on the plant is currently on schedule and the project is expected to be fully operational in 2014.

The plant was damaged during an incident on 17 August 2009, when water flooded the machinery hall; power and auxiliary equipment were damaged and the frameworks of the machinery hall building collapsed. Seventy five people died as a result of the accident.

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