Ukraine's critical infrastructure suffered a severe blow yesterday as two hydroelectric power plants were rendered inoperable during a morning shelling. The Press service of Ukrhydroenergo confirmed the extensive damage inflicted on the hydroelectric facilities, attributing the destruction to targeted strikes amidst Russia's ongoing assault on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

The devastating attacks have left Ukraine grappling with significant challenges in restoring its energy capabilities. The damaged equipment at the hydroelectric power plants requires extensive repairs and substantial financial investment to bring them back online.

Expressing grave concern over the situation, Ihor Syrota, CEO of Ukrhydroenergo, emphasized the urgent need for international support in the face of this crisis. "Restoring what was destroyed in a moment will take years and cost billions of hryvnias," Syrota stated during a recent visit to stations damaged in earlier attacks. He stressed the necessity of swift and coordinated efforts to address the destruction caused by the attacks.

With the impending winter season adding to the urgency of the situation, Ukrhydroenergo is mobilizing all available resources to mitigate the impact on the country's energy system. Efforts are underway to expedite repairs, bolster security measures, and seek assistance from the international community.

Ihor Syrota, CEO of Ukrhydroenergo, recently visited the company's stations damaged in missile attacks.