The Court Street project is a complete SCADA system, including hardware, software, system design and assembly, algorithm development and system configuration and documentation. The system will be used to control the four spillgates and ancillary equipment at the Court Street dam in Rochester, which is owned and operated by the New York State Canal Corporation.

The crest spillgate project includes the addition of a remote terminal unit (RTU) to the existing SCADA Master/HMI, and related equipment and services to control the crest gates. The RTU will initialise the I/O points, provide spillgate control sequences and communicate with the dam’s plant control system (PCS).

The Hydro SCADA system upgrade is a modification and reconfiguration of an existing MSE-Tetragenics SCADA system, including the PCS and hydro master/HMI, which includes the integration of gate control logic and crest gate RTUs.

Work on all three projects is underway and is scheduled for completion by summer 2005.