The Concrete Repair Association (CRA) has introduced a second edition of its CD-ROM programme entitled The Route to a Successful Concrete Repair.

The programme, developed to clarify the essential procedures necessary to conclude a successful concrete repair project, is based upon the association’s publication and seminar presentation of the same name.

The new CD-ROM features a full screen presentation with a voice-over script, improved graphics and the facility to hold and study specific aspects of the programme. It also contains a bibliography of publications and a list of useful contacts.

The programme includes details regarding types of repair product, alternative repair techniques, the causes of concrete deterioration and methods of carrying out concrete repairs. It also concentrates on aspects of overall project control such as safety of the structure and environmental hazards, assessment of damage, deterioration and diagnosis of its cause and preparation of contract documents.

The CD-ROM is available free of charge. For further information visit

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