Reports state that water level of the Chenab river reached 15m, which led to more than 100,00m3 of soil hitting the dam site and blocking the tunnel.

In July, another diversion tunnel collapsed at the site of the 450MW project, again due to rising water levels in the Chenab river at Chanderkote.

Out of the dam’s 18 blocks, water has clogged six, and Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department are looking into how the water can be diverted. Work on the dam has been suspended.

Officials say the water’s current level does not pose a threat to the 73m dam (set to be 144.5m upon completion), and no damage has been caused to any permanent structures.

It is now thought that the recent extreme rains have pushed back the original June 2006 commissioning date of the project by at least five months.

Sources said that repair work and the delay in commissioning caused by the heavy rains could cost over US$700,000.

About 50% of the work at the dam has been completed.

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