Seqwater has opened Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Engineering Service Providers to partner on its Dam Improvement Program. This program involves upgrading South East Queensland’s three major gated dams: Wivenhoe, Somerset, and North Pine.

This marks the first stage of a two-stage procurement process. The chosen partner will handle a wide range of engineering tasks, from initial planning and design to construction completion, aiming for project completion by 2035.

Interested parties can download the EOI from QTenders:

Seqwater’s dams, built to high standards, need ongoing assessment, monitoring, and maintenance. Advances in estimating extreme rainfall events and evolving engineering standards necessitate these upgrades. The Dam Improvement Program aligns with safety requirements under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

The program, which must be completed by October 1, 2035, is part of Seqwater’s efforts to ensure long-term safety and water security. Seqwater has already completed 13 upgrades since 2008, including work on Leslie Harrison Dam, Sideling Creek Dam, and Ewen Maddock Dam.

While the program is ongoing, some dams operate at reduced supply levels, a standard safety practice. This does not significantly impact the region’s long-term water supply. Seqwater’s diverse asset base and careful planning ensure a safe, reliable, and resilient water supply. Regular reviews will continue until the program is complete.