The International Hydropower Association (IHA) have two upcoming opportunities for our readers to get involved in sharing the sustainable hydropower story:

Global Hydropower Day 11 October

We invite you to participate in celebrating Global Hydropower Day on 11 October 2023! Celebrated annually, Global Hydropower Day recognises the positive impacts of sustainable hydropower on people, communities and the environment around the world. 

Spearheaded by the International Hydropower Association (IHA), with support from a coalition of developers, operators, manufacturers and industry associations around the globe, this day shines a light on the power that can be harnessed with sustainable hydropower. 

This year Global Hydropower Day will celebrate the ongoing development of sustainable approaches to developing hydropower and will feature IHA’s new mascot, Frankie. Frankie is a reliable robotic friend formed out of various elements that make up a hydropower facility including the Francis Turbine and a hydrostatic head inspired by the Kaplan Turbine. He will be an engaging, supportive character who translates complicated information about hydropower into interesting facts. 

The event will take place online, with a variety of activities including the sharing of research, case studies and interesting facts, thought pieces from some of hydropower's highest profile advocates and opportunities for others to learn more about the power of sustainable hydropower.

To join the celebration, share your hydropower-related stories under the banner of Global Hydropower Day, get involved with the conversations Frankie will be having across the internet and join the conversation using #WithHydropower. 

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World Hydropower Congress 

Only two weeks left to register for the world’s largest hydropower event! The 2023 World Hydropower Congress, taking place in Bali, Indonesia on 31 October – 2 November is the sector’s main platform for climate action. This Congress is co-hosted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and state-owned electricity company, PLN. 

With support from Congress Partners and Sponsors, IHA are bringing together more than 1,000 decision-makers, innovators and experts from industry, governments, finance, civil society and academia. The Congress will provide a stage for high-level policy statements, recommendations and commitments that will influence the global growth of sustainable hydropower. 

What will Congress deliver?

As the leading global event for high-level climate action in the hydropower sector, decision-makers from within and outside the hydropower sector will discuss: 

  • Reaching consensus on policy and finance recommendations for advancing the clean energy transition to deliver COP28
  • Breaking down barriers to the development of renewables by advancing policy and investment-driven solutions
  • Demonstrating how complementary renewable technologies can be harnessed to fast-track the shift away from coal
  • Highlighting the immense untapped hydropower potential that exists in many regions of the world, particularly Asia and Africa
  • Business and networking opportunities for industry.

Leading the conversation

Over 200-high level speakers from government, industry, finance, research and civil society will participate in over 30 sessions covering key issues such as:

  • Clean energy security and flexibility (pumped storage hydropower, innovation, renewables working together, grid integration and interconnections)
  • Climate (mitigation, resilience and adaptation)
  • Water (multipurpose use, water-energy-food nexus)
  • Sustainability (best practices, tools and the Hydropower Sustainability Standard)
  • Policy and finance (hydropower in net zero strategies, streamlined licencing, green skills and job development, financial and market mechanisms, green bonds, and risk management). 

And all of these discussions will form the basis of a statement from the industry to take to COP28 in November.

The Congress is hosted in Bali, Indonesia under the leadership of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has set out an ambitious path for growth through renewables and the country has an estimated hydropower potential of 75-95GW with the technology primed to play a huge role in the nation’s decarbonisation efforts. Indonesia continues to untap its immense hydropower potential as Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo broke ground on construction of $2.6 billion hydropower plant earlier this year. 

Hurry! The deadline for booking is the 30 September. Book now