Iran’s state power company, Tavanir, has revised a scheme to build a pumped storage power station in Siabisheh, north of Tehran.

The project, with a 1000MW first phase, will be tendered soon.

The scheme was originally tendered in the early 1990s but was postponed because of shortages of hard currency. The tender documents were prepared by Germany’s lahmeyer International and the local Moshanir Consulting Engineers. In a review of the scheme in 1999, Moshanir concluded that the project could be completed at a cost of US$150M plus 282,500M riyals in local currency, and that this cost was justifiable.

Nearly half the civil works for the Siabisheh scheme, which will be used at peak hours to prevent blackouts, have been completed. A proposed second stage could double the capacity of the plant, to 2000MW.