Vaasa Engineering Oy of Finland had awarded mavel the contract to supply one double regulated Kaplan bulb turbine to the Finnholm site, which is located on the Ähtävänjoki River and is owned by Oy Herrfors Ab. Mavel provided the steel intake and draft tube, hydraulic unit, lubricating and cooling system and the turbine. The KA1800K4 turbine has a runner diameter of 1800mm and four runner blades.

The Finnholm project has net head of 5.35m and flow of 18.5m3/sec. The turbine contract was awarded in September 2008, work began in October 2008 and commissioning was in November 2009.

For the 1.7 MW Dobrzen hydroelectric plant on the Odra River in the town of Dobrzen Wielki, Poland, Mavel provided two Kaplan double regulated horizontal PIT turbines type KP3200K3. The turbines have a runner diameter of 3200mm and three runner blades. Mavel also supplied generators, gearboxes, hydraulic units, lubrication and cooling systems, electrical and control systems, trash racks and cleaning machines

Dobrzen has net head of 1.9 to 2.4m and flow of 96m3/sec. The project is owned by PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. Warszawa (formerly ESP SA Warszawa).