Sarawak Energy Berhad's Baleh Hydroelectric Project (HEP), a cornerstone of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) initiative, remains on course for success, with SMEC playing a key role in its realization. Located in Sarawak, East Malaysia, this ambitious project is poised to transform the region's energy landscape, offering economic growth and job opportunities.

With a history dating back to 2015, SMEC has had significant involvement in the Baleh HEP, contributing to the critical phases, including tender design and evaluation, providing a sturdy foundation for the project's progress.

The Baleh HEP's infrastructure includes a 188m-high concrete-faced rockfill dam, a surface power plant featuring five 257MW Francis turbines, a radial gated spillway, diversion tunnels, pressure steel pipes, an intake structure, and a double circuit 500kV power transmission line connecting the electricity to Sarawak Energy Berhad's grid. Complementing these features are elements like a low-level outlet, jetty, bridges, and access roads linking Kapit town to the project site.

SMEC's contributions have gone beyond design, as they now oversee the construction phase, eviewing the contractor's design calculations and drawings. This scrutiny encompasses key project elements, including the two 12-meter diameter diversion tunnels, the towering concrete-faced rockfill dam, and a radial gated spillway capable of handling 16,500m3/sec.

The Baleh HEP is projected to reach completion in 2028 and is anticipated to generate an 1285MW of renewable energy, marking a significant milestone in Sarawak's energy journey.