SMEC is to provide Consultancy Engineering Services to the Water Resources Unit at the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities in Mauritius for a project to expand La Nicolière Reservoir.

An important storage water facility, La Nicolière Reservoir is located north of River du Rempart, approximately 5 km north east of Port Louis. Constructed in 1929, the La Nicolière Reservoir is one of the main sources of water supply to the northern districts of Mauritius, and is part of the capital city of Port Louis. Water from the reservoir is used for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes.

The objective of this project is to increase the capacity of the reservoir. SMEC will assess options for raising the La Nicolière Dam, which will necessitate upgrading of the feeder canal system, through a detailed technical and financial analysis. This will also include carrying out a number of surveys and investigations, to fully ascertain the suitability of the future scheme configuration and its components.

Haven begun in August 2017, the project is expected to last 15 months, with downstream detailed design services being envisaged.