The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has appointed the Australia-based firm to undertake consultancy work on a project to increase the output of Samoa’s Afulilo hydro power plant.

As part of the two phase project, SMEC has been contracted to: assess the safety of the dam structure, including a dam break analysis and registration with the International Committee of Large Dams; examine and provide recommendations for addressing the existing environmental and social issues; assess existing management practices and recommend options for optimising hydro output; and assess the least cost options for augmenting the capacity of Afulilo.

The second phase will prepare a land acquisition and resettlement plan, provide an initial environmental examination, and prepare technical design and detailed cost estimates. It was also assess the eligibility of the project for the Clean Development Mechanism and prepare a CDM project design.

In Pakistan, the company will conduct feasibility studies of the Shogo-Sin and Shushgai-Zhendoli power projects in the North-West Frontier Province. The studies will be funded by the ADB and follow successful negotiations with Pakistan’s Private Power and Infrastructure Board, Ministry of Water and Power.

The Shogo-Sin hydro power project is proposed to be located on Lutkho River, Chitral District. With a 127MW capacity, Shogo-Sin is envisaged to include a dam/diversion weir with headrace tunnel and powerhouse in the Lutkho River valley. The identified weir site is on the Lutkho River about 0.5km downstream of Shogo village. The powerhouse is proposed for the right bank of Lutkho river near Sin village, about 10km northwest of Chitral town.

The proposed location for the Shushghai-Zhendoli hydro power project is located on Tirich Gol in Chitral valley, more than 360km from Peshawar. Tirich Gol is a right bank tributary of the Turkho River. The project, with a 102MW capacity, also includes a proposed dam/diversion weir with a headrace tunnel and powerhouse. The identified weir site is on Tirich Gol aout 1.5km upstream of the mouth of Rosh Gol, a left tributary of Tirich Gol. The powerhouse is proposed on the right bank of Turkho River near Darison village.

The feasibility studies include, but are not limited to, data collection, surface and subsurface field investigation, technical analysis and detailed feasibility level design of structures and equipment, power optimisation, transmission, geotechnical, economic, financial, social and environmental investigations, cost estimates with detailed bill of quantities and economic and financial analysis for the project.