SMEC has been appointed to deliver the Detailed Design for WaterNSW’s proposed Dungowan Dam in north-west New South Wales in Australia following its successful delivery of the Concept Design in early 2021.

The 22.5GL earth and rockfill dam is being developed to maintain a secure, long-term water supply for Tamworth, other townships in the Peel Valley, local industry and agriculture.

SMEC’s Chief Technical Principal on the project, Jonathon Reid, has been working on the concept design and will be the embankment design lead on the project. “Over the past year working on Dungowan Dam, we have developed a deep understanding of the particulars which make this project unique and interesting. As we step into the next phase of the project, all of our previous learning will be a great asset,” he said.

“After a very long period where there have been only a few major new dam projects in Australia, it is exciting to again be completing a detailed design and hopefully soon seeing the project through to completion.”

The detailed design for the dam will include: further geotechnical investigations; embankment design; spillway design; outlet works design (structural and hydro mechanical); decommissioning of the existing Dungowan Dam; and ancillary works including road design and utility supplies.