Dravske elektrarne Maribor, part of the HSE Group, has begun construction of segment five of the Zlatoličje solar power plant on the left bank of the Zlatoličje hydroelectric outlet channel in Solvenia.

Segment five will feature nearly six thousand photovoltaic modules, with a total rated power of almost 2.7 MWp and a planned annual production of approximately 3,000 MWh.

Given the slope of the drainage channel at the hydroelectric project, which in some places exceeds 30 degrees, the construction will require considerable challenge and caution from the contractor, HTZ Velenje, particularly due to the proximity of the canal, whose water flow is up to 550 cubic meters per second. A special feature of the power plant will be the container design of the central inverter with a transformer station and a medium voltage switchyard. 

Segment five of the Zlatoličje solar power plant is part of a larger emerging solar power plant with a total nominal capacity of about 30 MWp and an estimated annual production of 37,000 MWh, to be built on the supply and discharge channels of Zlatoličje and Formin hydropower plants over the next few years.