Starting with 1MW of capacity the plant will be increased in size to 90MW by 2013. Construction of the Uldolmok plant began in 2005.

While the plant, located in the Jindo region, is a milestone for the country it is much smaller than the tidal scheme at Sihwa, which is currently being built. The Sihwa plant will have an installed capacity of 254MW.

The Uldolmok is also a landmark project for South Korea as it used domestic technology, said the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM). The Sihwa projects draws upon both domestic and international technology.

State-owned Korea Water Resources Corp (KWRC) is the developer of the Sihwa project, which is located at Sihwa lake on Inchon Bay. The main engineering contract is with Daewoo and Andritz is supplying the turbine and generator equipment.

The Sihwa plant is to generate 543GWh of electricity per year.

In late 2006, Voith Hydro (then Voith Siemens Hydro) also became active in tidal developments in South Korea with plans for a joint venture agreed with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co, Posco, Renetex and the provicial government of Jeonnan. The JV was signed two years ago and has been looking at construction of a 600MW plant in Wando province.

Separately, Korean Midland Power Co and UK firm Lunar Energy are examining construction of a 300MW tidal scheme at Wando Hoenggan Water Way. The technology would be supplied by Rotech Engineering and Hyundai.