A new publication has been released by energy firm SSE which tells the definitive story of how hydroelectric electricity was brought to the Highlands of Scotland.

In a poignant tribute to the engineers whose bravery helped build Scotland’s vast array of hydro power stations, ‘Power from the Glens’ combines a balance of storytelling and imagery, and includes a range of modern photography along with, for the first time, a portfolio of early sketches and drawings which were used to garner public and planning support.

Building on SSE’s proud hydro heritage, and to celebrate 75 years since The Hydro-Electric Development (Scotland) Act 1943, SSE decided to publish a more definitive 4th edition of Power from the Glens to showcase the engineering revolution which brought power to the glens for the first time.

Gregor Alexander, SSE’s Finance Director, said: “SSE is very proud of its hydro heritage and we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who helped create our network of tunnels, dams and hydro stations. This is a key chapter in Scotland’s social and engineering history and we felt we had a duty to tell that story.

“Our objective, in all the work we do to promote the heritage of hydroelectricity, is to provide inspiration for what can be possible if we put our minds to it.

“Ironically, when Pitlochry Dam and Power Station was first given the go-ahead, there were fears it would lead to the ‘ruination of tourism’ so when we hear about record numbers of visitors to the Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre and the appetite for this book it brings a smile to my face.”

Gillian O’Reilly is Head of Heritage for SSE and is delighted the book has been published for those who want it the most – the visiting public: “We have had a fantastic first year at the visitor centre – surpassing all expectations for visitor numbers – and we are continually asked if we sell books which go into more detail about our hydro schemes. Power from the Glens does this in a thoroughly engaging way and I’m sure our visitors will be keen to purchase a copy now that it’s on sale.

“It is a fitting and lasting tribute to those who built the dams and now future generations can come to our stunning visitor centre and buy the book of our hydro story for themselves.”

The book is priced at £14 and is on sale from SSE’s Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre and online at www.pitlochrydam.com/power-from-the-glens-the-book