The 20.2MW run-of-river plant in the Adana province of Turkey is certified under the Socialcarbon Standard and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). This means that the plant is able to demonstrate social, environmental and economic benefits for the people living in the plant area. Active participation of local communities is a key element in the certification process.

Socialcarbon is a Standard developed by the Ecologica Institute that certifies voluntary emission reduction projects for their contributions to sustainable development. The Standard is founded on the principle that transparent assessment and monitoring of the social and environmental performance of projects can improve their long-term effectiveness. The standard provides a framework to follow social and environmental impacts of the projects and provides assurance by regular audits. Credits generated with a special focus on sustainability principles, receive a higher value than credits developed with only emission reductions.

The Çakıt plant holds both Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Socialcarbon certifications.

Çakıt was Statkraft’s first hydropower project in Turkey, and began operations in June 2010. The company is also building the 102MW Kargi which is expected to be operational by the end of 2013, and recently announced it was to develop the 517MW Cetin project in the country, its largest outside Norway.