Statkraft has signed a  long-term power supply agreement with Alcoa Norway where it will deliver just above 3 TWh to Alcoa’s Norwegian aluminium production facilities for the period 2020 to 2026. Annual deliveries will be approximately 440 GWh.

 “As competition for long-term power supply agreements has picked up in Norway, I’m pleased to enter a new contract confirming competitive terms and Statkraft’s role as a preferred supplier of electricity to Norwegian industry,” commented Hallvard Granheim, Executive Vice President Markets & IT in Statkraft.

Kai-Rune Heggland, Country Manager Alcoa Norway added: “Access to renewable energy at globally competitive prices is key to Alcoa’s focus on climate change and further development in Norway. We are very satisfied that Statkraft now can offer competitively priced contracts with the duration we wanted for our hedging portfolio in Norway.”