Sweco is to carry out a feasibility study for floating solar technology at hydroelectric dams in Uganda, as well as detailed design of a pilot plant, for the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd (UEGCL). The project is proposed to help diversify Uganda’s energy mix that currently mainly comprises hydroelectric power. 

Sweco is to conduct a preliminary assessment at four hydroelectric dams in Uganda to determine which one is most suitable for the construction of a solar power facility. Following this, a detailed study and design will be conducted with specifications to enable the procurement of contractors, financial calculations and the evaluation of environmental aspects as data for investment decisions. 

“This is a new technological field that is highly attractive for power companies, private investors and financiers,” said Conny Udd, Division Manager for Energy and Industry, Sweco Sweden. “The energy sector is conducting an increasing number of innovative projects and Sweco has great ambitions to participate in international initiatives to contribute to the green transition.”. 

For this project, Sweco will be collaborating with two consultancy companies from France and one from Germany as well as with Ugandan subcontractors.

The project is set to commence immediately and is planned to last for 21 months with key deliverables comprising a feasibility study report and a detailed design of a pilot floating solar photovoltaic plant, FPV. The total order value is SEK 8 million. 

Sweco’s project is part of an agreement between the governments of Sweden and Uganda financed by Swedfund. Swedfund, a state-owned company, is Sweden’s development finance institution and aims to contribute to poverty reduction through sustainable investments in the world’s poorest countries.