The International Symposium on Concrete Faced Rockfill Dams, organised by ENGEVIX Engineering Consultants, the Brazilian Committee on Dams and Copel Generation, took place in Florianópolis, Brazil in October.

The main subjects of the symposium were the design and behaviour of rockfill embankments and dam foundations; plinth, slab, sealing and construction techniques. CFRD has also developed greatly in China over recent years. Over 50 dams have been built or in their final stages of completion. Shuibuy at 233m, is the highest dam of this type in the world.

Participants in the symposium also visited the Itá and Machadinho CFRD schemes. Itá dam is close to completion and reservoir filling is scheduled for the end of December 1999. Machadinho is in the river closure stage of construction.

An English version of the symposium proceedings will be available by March 2000 from Henrique Dijkstra, e-mail: