Table 1 – Priority group 1 power station features

Power Station Year Commissioned General Description
Lake Echo 1956 1595m of 2.5m to 2.9m diameter steel penstock.
7.315m diameter steel surge tower.
2.90m diameter self-closing butterfly HTV.
1.524m diameter straight flow MIV.
1/33.5MW Francis turbine with 0.838m diameter TRV.
Wayatinah 1957 3320m concrete lined rock tunnel.
1273m of 4.11m diameter twin woodstave pipelines.
16.764m diameter steel surge tower.
3/2.90m diameter self-closing butterfly HTVs.
3/3.2m diameter steel penstocks each 230m in length.
3/2.74m diameter butterfly MIVs.
3/15MW Francis turbines with 0.828m diameter TRVs.
Tarraleah 1938 – 1943 2135m of 2.6m diameter twin steel pipelines.
Twin 5.486m diameter steel surge towers.
6/1.529m diameter self-closing butterfly HTVs.
6/584m 1.2m to 1.5m diameter steel penstocks.
3/1.219m diameter cylindrically balanced MIVs.
3/1.016m diameter latticed butterfly MIVs.
3/English Electric 18MW Pelton turbines with diffusers.
3/Boving 18MW Pelton turbine with deflectors.