Table 1: Summary of selected ADB-funded hydro power projects

Project Name and Key Dates Capacity / Design ADB Loan / Total Project Cost ($ million) Key Features / Issues / Comments
Batang Ai, Sarawak, Malaysia, Loan Approved September 1981, Completed September 1985 108MW Storage $40.4 / $228 No minimum environmental flow established; periodic problems with anoxic water and H2S downstream negatively impacting fishery resources; Natural revegetation occurred over time. Environmental mitigation improved after-the-fact with creation of extensive nature reserves and national park covering the catchment area; Resettlement of 21 longhouse communities with mixed results
Singarak (Power XX), West Sumatra, Indonesia, Loan Approved September 1990, Completed August 1998 175MW / Diversion from natural lake $185.5 / $230 Required minimum sanitary flow of about 4% of average outflow; Pond fisheries developed on diversion side of project; No resettlement plan prepared
Hunan Lingjintan, Hunan Province, PRC, Loan Approved September 1994, Completed December 2000 270MW / run-of-river, re-regulating station for upstream 1200MW plant $116 / $327 One of 15 proposed dam projects downstream of the 1200 MW Wulingxi Hydropower plant
Theun-Hinboun, Lao PDR, Loan Approved November 1994, Completed March 1998 210 MW / diversion $60 / $240 First project on Nam Theun River; Developed for power exports to Thailand; Inadequate resettlement plan at time of loan approval, subsequently upgraded after project implementatioin
Xiaogushan, (Gansu Clean Energy Project), Gansu Province, PRC, Loan Approved December 1993, Construction ongoing in 2005 98 MW / run-of-river $35 / $95 Developed under updated ADB Energy Policy (2000), ADB Environment Policy (2002) and current environmental and social safeguards; Upstream of existing storage dam and irrigation dams; CDM transaction with Prototype Carbon Fund
New projects under consideration (2005 2008) < 1 MW to 1000 MW Variable General, informal preference for run-of-river design and projects 100 MW generally supported with significant private sector participation