Table 1: Financial and administrative obstacles to small hydro in the European Union

Source: Date from the European Small Hydropower Association

Member state Time taken to obtain a licence Fees for the use of water
Austria 1 year plus No fee
Belgium NA Yes
Denmark Almost impossible No fee
France 6 years No fee
Germany 6-24 months No fee
Greece 3-5 years Yes, for use of water reserve and supplying small hydro
Ireland 1 year No fee
Italy 4-8 years No fee
Netherlands 10 years No fee
Portugal 9-12 years No fee
Spain 6-10 years No fee
Sweden 2-7 years No fee
United Kingdom 5-8 years No fee for <5MW; small charges for 5-10MW
Bulgaria NA Yes
Czech Republic 1-2 years No fee
Estonia 1-2 years No fee
Hungary 12-15 months NA
Latvia 18 months NA
Lithuania 18-36 months No fee
Poland 1-8 years Usually no fee, but some charges for state owned territory covered by water.
Romania 1 year No fee
Slovakia 2 years Yes, according to production
Slovenia 2 years Yes