Atlin hydroelectric project, Northwest British Columbia, Canada

Item Description
Project owner Xeitl Limited Partnership
Water source Pine Creek
Drainage area at control structure 467km2
Drainage area at intake 557km2
Mean annual flow at intake 4.2m3/sec
Project design flow 2.7m3/sec
Gross head 107.6m
Project operation Modified run-of-river with storage on Surprise Lake. Power supplied to isolated off-grid community.
Project capacity 2.1MW
Control structure A sheet pile and rip-rap weir at the outlet of Surprise Lake increases the lake’s natural storage. A low level outlet releases flow to Pine Creek (including the project further downstream), and an orifice-type fishway allows for continued migration of arctic grayling between Pine Creek and Surprise Lake.
Intake A concrete gravity weir with an ogee-type spillway was built across Pine Creek. A concrete intake is located on the left bank of Pine Creek.
Penstock The penstock is approximately 3900m long and is made of 48” diameter HDPE and steel pipe.
Turbines 2 x 1MW horizontal axis Pelton, double overhung on a single generator
Generator 4.16 kV direct-coupled synchronous
Powerhouse Steel building on concrete foundation, with 23 tonne overhead crane
Switchyard At powerhouse, step-up 4.16kV to 25kV
Powerline 750 m long three-phase 25 kV powerline connects to the local Atlin grid