Table 1: Excavation work

No Item Unit Qty
A. Package 60/XL-AL
1 Penstock, intake
Excavation of foundation 100m3 297.96
Excavating rock by hand drill machine 100m3 901.49
2 Temporary tunnel No 1
Excavation of rock, Dia 42mm, class IV 100m3 2396.459
3 Temporary tunnel No 2
Barrow pit excavation 100m3 151.405
Excavation of rock, class 100m3 492.750
B. Package 61/XL-AL
I Foundation of surge tank (excavation)
Excavation of foundation 100m3 2032.06
Excavation of rock foundation 100m3 708.52
II Excavation stage I (elevation 64.60)
Soil excavation of powerhouse 100m3 1754.76
Rock excavation of powerhouse 100m3 820.18
III Temporary tunnel No 3
Soil excavation 100m3 353.1
Rock excavation 100m3 79.6
IV Temporary tunnel No 4
Soil excavation 100m3 217.74
Rock excavation 100m3 75.56