Table 1: Table of Gezhouba Power Plant parameters:

Note: Model ZZ500 has an output of 138.3 MW since 1987, and till 2007, Unit #3 and #14 have increased output by 13.6MW, and have unit flow rate of 2060 l / s.

Items Unit #1~2 Unit #3~21 Items Unit #1~2 Unit #3~21
Unit model ZZ560-HL-1130 ZZ500-HL-1020 Minimum head 10.6m 8.3m
Rated Power 176MW 129MW runaway speed 120r/min 140r/min
Design Flow 1130m3/s 825 m3/s draft height -8 -7m
rated speed 54.6r/min 62.5r/min net positive suction head 1.149 1.4
maximum head 27m 27m Unit flow 2050l/s 1838 l/s
design head 18.6m 18.6m