Table 1: Preliminary Energy and Revenue Calculations Results

Item Description Value Units
FSL of the reservoir +1146 m asl
MSL of the reservoir +1141 m. asl
Level at the bypass inlet in the dam +1135 m asl
Level at the bottom of the dam i.e. bypass pipe outlet +1125 m asl
Head (1141-1125 m.a.s.l) 16 m
Water Flow (1.5-2.0 m3/s) 2 m3/sec
Acceleration due to gravity 9.81 m2/sec
Water Density, 1000 kg/m3
Power 266.8 kW
Annual Plant utilization 7500 Hrs/year
Annual Energy (kWh) 2,001,240 kWh
Energy unit price (Average to the consumer) 75 TZS/kWh
Revenue/year (TZS) 150,093,000.00 TZS
Annual Revenues in TZS (Million) 150 TZS in Million