Table 1: The rock formations and their karst development in the Jinping area

*) pure and continuous = pure carbonate rocks occur continuously throughout the whole group

Group Rocks Karst development
UPPER TRIASSIC (T3) Sandstone, slate, siltstone No karst
Baishan (T2b) Marble, interbedded with crystalline limestone. Pure and continuous *)
Yantang (T2y) Pure and impure marble and limestone, occasionally with schist layers Alternation of pure and impure marble/ limestone beds
Zagumao (T2z) Marble, occasionally interbedded with green schist lenses, thinly bedded slate, and mica schist Pure and continuous *)
LOWER TRIASSIC (T1) Schist, meta-sandstone mudstone, marble, partly interbedded with schist. Impure carbonate beds occur between other beds