Table 4: Panan scheme features

Feature Description Dimensions
Dam Concrete gravity, with central spillway 101 m height, 150,000 m3
Reservoir capacity 1.58 million m3
Intake Triple intake EL 1118m, H = 28m,
River diversion Diversion tunnel and two cofferdams Tunnel: 4.5 m dia; L = 435m
Sedimentation chamber Underground chamber to settle out material >0.2mm size. L = 200m, W = 16m, H = 23m
Head Race Tunnel (HRT) Modified horse shoe profile on left side of valley Diameter = 6m, L = 9092m, with three construction adits
Surge Chamber At end of HRT at crest of ridge H = 90m, diameter = 15m
Penstocks Underground 4 no., steel lines, 2.5 m dia
Power Station Surface L = 104m, W= 19.2m.
Turbines 4 x 70 MW Vertical Francis turbines Installed capacity 290 MW
Tail water Surface channel TWL = 752m
Project head 366m