Table 5, Summary of the energy costs of double-basin schemes at Fundys Shepody Bay and Cumberland Basin. Costs as shown are based on the use of fish-friendly turbine generators and sluices, equpped with automatic flap gates.

Paired basins
Number of turbine-generators Annual energy Shepody Bay GWh Cumberland Basin GWh Cost of Energy c/kWh Comments
83 & 61 (144) Type Z 5191 Type Z 3771 3.82 At Fundy, with its specific environmental concerns, only paired-basins Types Z & Z would meet the adopted environmental sustainability standards.
53 & 37 (90) Type Y 3767 Type X 3154 3.46
Linked basins
Phase I 53 Type X 4461 3.83 The 7,200 m long dam required to create the enlarged Cumberland Basin raises the cost of energy for the linked-basins scheme to above that of paired-basins Types X & Y. With a shorter dam at Cumberland basin, the energy cost of the linked-basins could have been 2.9&icent;/kWh.
Phase II 53 High-basin for linked basins Low basin 5625 3.59