Table 7: Some Small Scale Hydropower Projects with their Development status

Name of the river Site Location Potential capacity in kW Supplying/Expected to supply Development status
Ruvuma Sunda 3000 Tunduru Feasibility study
Ruvuma Nakatuta 9000 Songea/Mbinga Feasibility study
Ruvuma Lupilo 1400 Songea Feasibility Study
Luaita Mbiga 300 Mbinga Feasibility Study
Luwika L. Nyansashore 1400 Mbamba Bay Reconnaissance
Ruhudje Njombe 3000 Njombe Prefeasibility
Lupa Rukwa valley 3800 Chumya Reconnaissance
Malagarasi Uvinza 6400 Kigoma Reconnaissance
Kasulu Reconnaissance
Uvinza Feasibility
Luiche Nkungwe 4000 Uvinza Prefeasibility
Biharamulo Game Reserve 200 Biharamulo Prefeasibility
Ngono Kalebe 2500 Bukoba Prefeasibility
Hainu Mbulu 1500 Mbulu Feasibility
Mto wa simba Mto wa mbu 1500 Babati Prefeasibility
Hagafiro Uwemba 800 Uwemba Constructed